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Microsoft Teams


Add voice calling to Microsoft Teams

Get started quickly

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

  • Use Microsoft Teams to make and receive calls
  • Ability to have more control of the MS Teams experience
  • Same user experience as Microsoft Calling Plans
  • Save money on subscriptions and calls

Meet your compliance obligations with Hosted SIP

  • Call recording
  • Call Reporting
  • Integration with non Teams users using handsets


Simple and easy to use

Plus even more benefits

  • Interoperability

    Connect your existing SIP trunk based phone system with MS Teams.

  • Easy to setup

    No requirement to port numbers plus users can use the MS Team apps which they would be already familiar with.

  • Simple Deployment

    The deployment process is seamless without the need to port numbers from your existing SIP provider.

  • Accessibility

    You can use the Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android apps to access Teams and make calls

  • Cheaper costs

    As well as cheaper subscription costs you can also benefit from cheaper calls especially international ones

  • Unified Communications

    A single application which will know you are busy on the phone so you wont have another app ringing whilst you are on a call..